Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time for a mental break from Ike

I am dieing for a creative outlet! I sculpted David's muffin and banana breakfast into a lily this morning while thinking why did I leave my sewing machine in Austin?!? No creative outlet and a unliveable apartment equals a nesting itch I just can't scratch. I decided to further torture myself by buying a Martha Stewart's Fall magazine and drool at all the adorable do it your self projects. It made me yearn for fall that much more. I can't wait for pumpkin carving, costume making, fall colors, and layer wearing!


Bailey and Scott are headed back to the states! yey! yey! yey! They might even be back by Christmas! We might see them in a couple months! Who can think about hurricanes and moldy apartments when Bailey and Fall are on their way?

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Bailey said...

I KNOW!!!! i'm sooo excited. if we get to washington and you're not there i'm finding a way to get to texas. haha...i'll borrow money from tristan's school grants.