Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sweet Baby Boy


Weekend Good-Morning Muffins

[you want to turn your volume WAY up so you can hear her sweet voice]

Delicious bran muffin recipe found here.
Substitute: all purpose flour with 1/2 whole wheat flour
Substitute: cinnamon chips(not really sure what that even is) for raisins

These muffins were delicious! They freeze well and Bella is still asking for them daily (5 days after we made them).

"Clean Up"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh, Puget Sound, how we miss you!

A friend sent me these from this summer. That's Seattle behind us on a typical overcast Seattle day. I can't wait to get home, where I do not have to worry about cockroaches falling on my face while I sleep.

Also from last week:

Friday, September 18, 2009

blogging without a camera

This is so sad! No pictures! Makes for a boring blog from someone who really is not a good writer! But here it goes:

I've been making diapers for my wee one on the way. I've been working hard at reusing old t-shirts, as suggested in Handmade Home. It has been a challenge and forced to me pick up my newly found sewing machine manual for the first time in three years. It may even be the first time ever. It makes more sense now than it did 3 years ago just starting out sewing with absolutely no context. I can now painlessly sew knits, now that I know which needle I need and how to set my presser foot. Woohoo. If only I had a serger my diaper sewing projects would be too easy.

Last night Isabella started her first embroidery project. She insisted on wanting to work on mine and when even I would ptu it down she would be right behind me picking it up. I decided to make life a little easier and set her up with a project of her own. When I asked her who she was making it for she said baby Elliott. I can't even put into words how this warms my heart. Of course, she was done in less than five minutes but for five whole minutes she was still and peaceful. Oh how beautiful moments like those are. Hopefully we will have a picture or two up soon!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things to do before baby arrives:

figure out what to do with bella during delivery
take another birthing class
let go of some of those "what if's"
purchase 8 more diaper covers
ask more vbac questions
go through baby boxes
find [from inside one of our dozens of boxes of baby things]:
recieving blankets
baby socks
baby carrier
inner peace

try to be more prepared than last time
prewash everything 6 weeks early and then again maybe 3 weeks early
make nipple covers and large woman cloths
try to make some trifold diapers from upcycled fabrics
research and practice using/washing wool diaper covers
add to this list because I know there is more

Monday, September 14, 2009

We've been getting a lot of rain lately

"Rain drops, rain drops, where do they fall? They fall on house but thats not all. Rain drops, rain drops, where do they fall? They fall on Noah's house but that's not all".

Seriously, I laugh every time I watch it. so. so. so. soo cute!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

crafts from scraps challange - week three

This weeks projects are kind of minimal. Here they are:

insdie davids goodies
marker bag for sara
practice knit pants from old tshirt
t-shirt wipes
tie one on - sew along - plaid apron

a. Some small projects for David. An iphone cozy and head phones + thumb drive pouch. Those were both his ideas. He picked out the lining fabric and I think they both turned out really cute! I find it hard to make him things because mens clothing is not something I think I'm ready to tackle just yet. I love these because he has been using them every. single. day.
b. My sister asked for something she could hold 3 white board markers in. She specifically asked for nothing too crazy. She knows me too well. [She just started teaching this week. YEY Sara!]
c. Here are some "practice sewing with knits pants" I used the oldest holiest t-shirts I could find. [notice: the patches] We just happened to be going through ALL our clothes this week.
d. From the same shirts I made a few nice sized diaper wipes. Anticipating some nice breast milk poos soon.
e. & f. A Head band for Bella with a flower made from the same shirts.
g. Ok this last one I am going to submit to Tie One On. The latest apron making challenge was to use plaids. I am not really a plaid person and really didn't see myself going out to buy any plaid fabric. After going through our old unwanted clothes I came across a few plaid shirts. I am not in love with this apron but I am thinking it will find a good home with my dear friend Bailey.

Monday, September 7, 2009

crafts from scraps continued.....

[and then some because we all know i can't stick to anyONEthing for very long]

Here we are getting ready for a week of patchwork...... WHAT? Yes. I know. It took me by surprise too. Not only did I start my very first [small] patchwork project and finish it, BUT I started another [smallish] patchwork project and finished that one too. Unfortunately, I think I am all patchworked out and there will be no quilts anytime soon. I imagine that will change when we get up to Washington and find that quilts are needed for more than just sitting on, you know, like to keep us warm.

Ok, on to the completed projects:
It started with a doll quilt. Then I realized my poor girl does not have a doll, just a [mama made] elephant. So we made a doll, and I say we because Bella was very very involved. She helped me pick out what her dress would look like and stopped to hug the doll a often as possible. She even took it to bed with her for nap before she had eyes, mouth and hair. Talk about time well spent! She also loves to go around and tell people "mama made it". Precious.
Dolly also joins us at the table now for at least one meal a day.
Patchwork recovery day - another lunch sack. I LOVE this pattern. I added a little depth to the lunch sack because the original isn't quite big enough to accommodate a pregnant mama's lunch needs. The original pattern is from Linen, Wool, Cotton: 25 Simple Projects to Sew with Natural Fabrics (Make Good: Crafts + Life) by Akiko Mano. I do not own the book, but found a free tutorial from it online months ago. [I can't find the link anymore but do still have the pdf is anyone is interested]. The book looks awesome I've been through it in the book store more times than I care to admit. It really is next on my list. Really.
This bag took me a couple of days. And honestly, I am not in love with the end result. It was really good at getting rid of a bunch of little scraps of fabric in colors I wouldn't normally use. On a more positive note I think the detail in this bag looks really good. I feel like I might be stepping up from beginner seamstress to intermediate. Maybe.

For friends:
I've made over 30 sandwich bags and snack bags in the last few days.
What I've realized: making things in large batches is not fun! It is fun using different fabrics I wouldn't pick out for myself like glittery white spider webs with creepy black spiders. [I can't wait to be a mama of a little boy] I also like helping people get rid of the plastics in their everyday life. Was it worth it? YES! I will make some for you too if you give up plastic bags! I won't go into global warming here even though it is nice and fresh in my mind after watching The Inconvenient Truth.

I'll leave you with this: Best Friends.

p.s. It looks like might have a month of scrap busters in October. woooohoooo!
p.s.s. Dolly and patchwork bag were made from patterns from this magazine. Projects from handmade home are already in progress. Stay Tuned.