Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Super Hero Costumes

My favorite almost 5 year old told me he wanted action figures for his birthday. If I was a cool auntie I probably would have just gone out and bought him a some action figures. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of plastic toys BUT I am a fan of pretend play. I decided a personalized super hero cape would be the way to go. After doing a quick cape tutorial search and not really liking what I found I decided to fake it and came up with these.

Notice a few extra capes? I couldn't handle giving one to Noah and not Jacob since they both like dress-up AND super heros. Then I thought Bella might feel left out if both boys got new capes and were playing with them during the whole week we will be staying with them. What's just one more?

These were so much easier than I thought they would be. Probably about one and a half hours each and close to 3$ a pop. My favorite part is the Velcro collar so they can put them on all by themselves. I hope they like them!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Snohomish Antique Festivial

The Brown family spend our beautiful Saturday in Snohomish with friends.


Photos by our dear friend Faustino

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's time.

Bella is doing so much better pottying,one week in, than I thought she would. We finished her sticker chart and so she got her very own strawberry ice cream cone with sprinkles!

We hit some serious potty milestones today. Not only did she tell me when she had to
go at the store but she held it all the way to the bathroom and went. I must be telling her I am proud of her a lot because everytime she goes she says "I am SO proud of you mama".

Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Offical Introduction to Princess Play

Bella was invited to her first princess party. I wasn't sure how into it she would be because most of her pretend play revolves around tending to babies, making mud pies or being animals but she had a good time dressing up and I had a good time making this skirt and head band. I had an even better time seeing that she wanted to wear it. My girl is growing up!


Side note: Elliott did not dress up like a princess but did enjoy being passed around and played with.

Happy Mothers Day


One on one time with both of my kids. Priceless.