Saturday, August 29, 2009

crafts from scraps challange - week one

Expecting a baby + one stay at home parent + one student parent = tight budget.
(a math problem in MY blog? my sister would be so proud)

After unpacking close to 10 boxes of craft supplies, I decided maybe I should hold true to my no more fabric/craft supply purchasing rule. I've decided to challenge myself with a crafts from scraps project. Everyday I will try to spit something out using only the materials I already have. Now this might sound restricting to most people but I've always worked best under tight restraint. Ohhh art school, how I miss you so. This week I've had a really good time trying to find small projects to fit the fabric scraps I have. I enjoy the odd even-for-me combination of prints and patterns too. Here's a couple shots of what was happening in my new sewing studio.






sandwich tote

picnic silverware

a&b. birthday gift for 4yo friend, look familiar? - left over fabric from previous adult sized apron gift
c. simplest skirt for Bella - fabric given to me by my grandma for Bella
d. marker pouch to go with crayon pouch - left overs from fabric purchased for Elliott booties. zipper salvaged from old skirt.
e. embroidery - fabric left over from fabric produce bags - embroidery thread left over from multiple softie projects
f. more Elliott booties - denim from papa's old jeans. fabric left over from little boy aprons
g. lunch bag - fabric purchased YEARS ago from Ikea as-is section. it has been used for many many things.
h. travel silverware pocket - fabric left over from fabric napkins made last spring

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pros and Cons of Country living


not a lot to do = house very very clean
people are very friendly, even people stuck behind service counters
no traffic
very quiet
a lot less honking (compared to Houston)
takes less time to get everywhere even though its three times as far
lots of trees
usually 5+ degrees cooler thanks to all those trees
one vegetarian friendly restaurant (chain) in next town over
csa's actually deliver out here!
fruit stands everywhere


not a lot to do indoors, way too hot and humid outdoors
friends are all in Houston
speed limits are soooooooo high
vegetarian restaurants do not exist here
no good organic produce, have to drive to Houston for it
have to drive even farther to drop off recycling

Wow, who would have thought my pros would out way my cons? I am SO good at being positive.

[I have a feeling the cons may grow a little after I've been here awhile. We'll see.]

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ohhhhh Bella

Craft Therapy

We have a very busy try. to. keep. it. simple. four months ahead of us. We have relocated. Once again. This time, north of Houston, to a small town called Montgomery. David plans to commute to Houston everyday via bus to finish this last semester of [6] classes! I promised to keep most complaining to myself in honor[?] of his taking so many classes to finish early and start his new job. I am so proud of him getting .two. job offers in the worst recession since the great depression. So I think I owe it to my family to be positive. All MOST of the time! Even if that means I have to drive to Houston 3 times a week to keep my sanity. I promise to enjoy the openish countryish roads that I will not see when we move back to Bellevue. [Because we will be living in the city and not doing much driving. yey.] And most important, I am making myself promise to be positive no matter how the delivery of this baby turns out. Speaking of baby, my sweet baby boy, whom I already love too much from the inside, he has been the inspiration of most craftiness.

This one is for Bella. A sweet little pouch to hold all her crayons in because we seem to obtain a few more everyday. How does that happen?
tutorial found here

Papa wore through .another. pair of jeans! I think I had these cut up only minutes after I saw the hole. I may have a problem.

tutorial found here

I have no idea if these will work. I have a feeling they will fall into the my baby kicks these off way to easy category and end up never being used but they are soo easy to make and sooo cute I've made like 6 pairs. Friends with babies beware: I am looking for baby feet to try these on.

Presents for friends with baby boys. Have I mentioned everyone I know is having a boy this year?

My little helper:

Friday, August 14, 2009

bluging belly, crafts, and chef Bella

Here is a picture update on the pregnancy. 20 weeks. half way. already. my how time flies.
[please excuse the face. i have a horrible habit of making a goofy face when i .know. someone is about to take my pictures. why?]

I'm getting ready to transfer prenatal care back to my obgyn in Houston net week and can't help but announce how EXCITED I am. weird? possibly. I did a lot more research choosing a doctor up here in Tacoma thinking I might one day come back to him when we move back in Jan and have more babies. He 100% supports vbacs and is known in the area for his success rate but I must say.... bedside manor is seriously lacking. My Houston obgyn who was the first I found .online. because I had no idea how you would go about finding a .good. obgyn just happened to be exactly what I wanted. Lets hope when I show up 22 weeks pregnant she is still as ready to try a vbac as she was when I came in with my lists of what if's 6 months ago.

So about two weeks ago I got he crafting itch. [think it might have something to do with being pregnant? this happened whenI was pregnant with Bella too] Since then I have been baby crafting.... booties, blankets, bibs, I even bought some away from home knitting needles and started a hat for my sweet-to-be-baby-boy. Friends and family crafting lavender sachets, aprons, purses, wallets, kosher silverware travel kits [more on this later]

[thank you lovely model, Bailey C.Lemons]

One last snap shot: Bella in her natural habitat.
[I can't make a cup of tea without my big helper]