Sunday, May 10, 2009

first swim of the season

so we woke this poor girl up early so we could hit the pool
still waking up
after the initial shock of big boys doing back flips off chairs into the water, Bella enjoyed finding leaves and flowers in the water when not clinging to me for dear life.
this felt more eventful but really we walked to the pool sat in in for 30mins and walked home. i think i felt the need to document this because Bella looked so so so cute in her bathing suit. SO SO cute.
lovin that booty
one more because i really just can not believe how big this girl is. has it really only been 18 months?
big girl steps
i feel like ive known her forever.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sew Fun With Dresses and Friends

So I have been squeezing out some sewing time almost everyday! YEY for unemployed time management! Here has been my last weeks worth of [big] projects:

A dress for our dear friend Helen's 5th birthday [my first big girl dress]
helens dress
Don't get too close, Toby is on watch!
toby yawningI have a feeling i am going to wake up one morning and find Toby wearing the dress.
Bella's soon to be shirt and matching dress.
bella's top
matching dress
[should i be embarrassed to post a picture of my living room in such a messy state? this is life. so i am not]
Daisy came over Monday and played for an hour and Bella and her actually engaged in play without fighting for a couple minutes at a time.
playing with daisy