Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sew Fun With Dresses and Friends

So I have been squeezing out some sewing time almost everyday! YEY for unemployed time management! Here has been my last weeks worth of [big] projects:

A dress for our dear friend Helen's 5th birthday [my first big girl dress]
helens dress
Don't get too close, Toby is on watch!
toby yawningI have a feeling i am going to wake up one morning and find Toby wearing the dress.
Bella's soon to be shirt and matching dress.
bella's top
matching dress
[should i be embarrassed to post a picture of my living room in such a messy state? this is life. so i am not]
Daisy came over Monday and played for an hour and Bella and her actually engaged in play without fighting for a couple minutes at a time.
playing with daisy


Anonymous said...

You are getting so good at sewing!! You have to give me a sewing lesson. I'll help you with any knitting or felting you might want to do. We seriously need to establish a craft night when you get up here. ;)

missmama said...

I KNOW! I get there on a Tuesday, Maybe that weekend we can do a craft DAY. Im not bringing my sewing machine but i'm sure I can get my hands on one. Don't you have one? We should totally tackle that sew mama top. AND I do badly want to do some needle felting! Also I retaught myself how to knit the conventional way. I am a lot slower now but I think i'm ready to take on a more complicated pattern. We can start like 3 projects in one day right? I mean it is ALL day!

Sarah said...

Yay! What a cute dress! I am so impressed with the ruffle!