Monday, April 27, 2009

A Usual Monday

Bella's [late] introduction to one of my favorite foods, bagels with cream cheese. In her defense tofutti cream cheese does look a lot like sunscreen so her rubbing it all over her arms and face isn't that unusual.... right?

After snack Bella drug me outside to show me her garden. We planted about a billion wild flower seeds right after Easter and, with no help from me, some sprouted!
wild flower gsrden
april 27

After poking around in her garden Bella decided the birds needed to be fed. And some how got a hold of the new snack bag I made and turned it into a bird seed holder. Fine with me. I love her love for birds.
bird seed bag
bella feeding the birds

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sandwich bags and

First off let me say: welcome home good friend!
My machine was gone for two weeks. Now that it is back I am making up for lost time.

I've been working on this idea I had for reusable cotton sandwich bags. I need some feed back on these so feel free to comment with your opinions and ideas.
The pocket is for a napkin, love note OR condiment but mostly for looks because everything gets cuter with a wee sized pocket.

They are also good for using up last bits of fabric I've had laying around from years worth of projects. It feels good to use something that has been held onto for so long. Like my efforts in saving and moving them twice was worth it.

My girl, doing her thing. If she isn't eating, nursing or pooping she is digging in the dirt. My little gardener.

I tried to distract her from the dirt [since i had already cleaned her off about one trillion times today] with this tray of ice cubes.
ice cube play
That lasted about 3 minutes. When I said ice she thought I was saying eyes. So she put her tray down to point at her eyes, then promptly forgot all about the ice and went back to the dirt. Well, I tried!


Monday, April 20, 2009

My New Job Titles

seamstress, designer, pattern maker, (and some ones that are not so new) mama, wife, cook, baker, shopper, chauffeur.

Last week was my first week home, without any where I needed to be. Monday was slow but by Friday I was very ready for the weekend.

My desk
scrap pile
My product (to be put in my etsy shop soon)
new aprons

My toddler and her toddler personality

Her new big girl toys

Our Last Day
Last Day

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter morning

Bella woke up bright and early this morning to enjoy her very first spring basket full of baby chicks (as seen in previous posts) wild flower seeds, stickers, new crayons and a few sweet treats.

After treating herself to some easter treats she ran around the house what seemed like 100 times and went back to bed at 9am! hehe. It was pretty cute and worked out well. She woke up just in time to find about 60 Easter eggs with one other child.

MawMaw (in the back window) spotted a purple egg full of PawPaw.

Isabella thought about what to do with that egg and eventually climbed up there to claim that one too. She was really committed to gather eggs this time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our New Baby Chicks Arrive!

Ok Ok so this may sound a little silly and well, impossible, to you but YES we do have a couple new baby chick arrivals to celebrate. Since the shortest member of my family will not be meeting them until Sunday I thought I'd share them here.

I know this is officially publicizing my dorkiness but I really couldn't help it.

I am now [very late] on a hunt for basket goodies that is not candy. So far we have decided some sticks [because my girl loves her some stickers] a shovel and some seeds that will most likely be grass seeds because they grow the fastest. Any other suggestions on not too sweet goodies?

I thought long and hard about making a tutorial for this project and posting it. I don't think i'm ready for this being that kind of blog. BUT if you really want to know how to make them I would love to do it in person. Adorable baby chicks are not just for spring time.