Tuesday, March 31, 2009

big transitions

It probably won't come to a surprise to you when I say I haven't been blogging a lot lately. It's not that I havn't had a lot to say more like not the right attitude to shed good light on the change happening around us. We are mentally preparing our selves to move our lives (yes... AGAIN) to Washington for three months. Six months ago this seemed like the icing on the cake and now that is approaching it seems like such a burden. (you see, I am still looking for the right attitude to approach this situation with)

Also, as of a week from tomorrow, I will no longer have a job. It will be one more transition for our family to adjust to. A lot of things with get easier (a lot easier) no more leaving and getting up really early. No more packing and planning our week around my work schedule. Hopefully I can work in some more "me" time into my week. On the other hand I am very sad to say good by to the two most important little men in my life. It will be just as hard for Isabella she will be losing not only her playmates but her brothers. And as we move back to Washington for a few months she will really be saying goodbye to two homes.

So please don't mind my lack of blogging over here. Hopefully soon, I will be back in the swing of things with the right mind set! b

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Pinch of Mid-March

Is Mfvc ff gfarch really almost over? ohttc\

Thank you Bella for the Blogging help!

Here is a little peak at what we have been up too:

Saint Patrick's Day:
saint patricks day
saint patricks day snack
Bella's first sleep over:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

mid-march sewing projects

I am so ready to get started on summer dresses for Isabella and hopefully myself. I've got one finished for her and a few more cut and pieced. I made a skirt for myself and then promptly decided I am not a skirt person and now I am on a search to find the perfect dress pattern. Here is a peek at Isabella's new dress (made out of a marked down/returned Ikea comforter cover - traced from a borrowed dress... talk about frugal!)
new dress
and my skirt I am not in love with

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Should be posting new pictures but can't get over these old ones!

I know there are many many things I could be doing other than sitting online looking at Isabella's baby pictures and my pregnant pictures. I think I [not so] secretly like to torture myself. These three pictures make me want to start the baby-making process all over again. Its so funny because each of these pictures represent a different kind of naivety on my part, and for some reason I think it would be so different to do again.

Im thinking here: Wow I love being pregnant. I have no idea what all those other women were talking about when they said they were miserable. Obviously this was so meant to be and I was meant to have 10 children. If not, why would I love this so much? Birth and caring for a new born will be a breeze for me because unlike other women I KNOW what im doing. I was born with it.
Reality: Yes the pregnancy was easy, tons of complications at birth that were a BIG slap in my overly optimistic face! Then came tons of negative thoughts towards other women who didn't have the problems and complications I did. Then the ground moved beneath my feet when it occurred to me that maybe I wasn't meant to have 10 children even though that has always been the purpose I knew I was here for. Then more negative thoughts towards other healthy natural birth having women.

Im thinking: This baby is gorgeous. She is so cute and small and she will be for sooooooooooo long. I thank people for all the size 2 toddler clothes I'm receiving laughing to myself about how she will never be that big! How I will be holding on to those for what seems like forever! Also I'm thinking, Wow I have no time to do anything anymore.
Reality: TIME FLYS! I find it harder and harder to remember these moments. This feels like yesterday, and yes she is wear size 2t. Already! I thought I had no time then, HA! She doesn't sleep for the majority of the day anymore. Im lucky if I get an hour!

Im thinking: Oh my goodness, we forgot out bathing suit! What will the other moms think if I put my baby in the pool naked? Im doing it anyway because it is Texas and summer time and HOT. Wow, Bella is sitting up now, she is so big. She is an early sitter. It must be because of my great parenting skills. She is a genius. I can't wait until she can walk and talk and run around like the big kids.
Reality: Who cares what other moms think? Since when did I ever really care about what other people think? Why should I start now? All kids hit different stages at different times. [although im still convinced my daughter is a genius]

I hope to be a little more mindful today then I was then. Children sure do have a way of making time go by a little faster than I would wish. I think I'm going to go crawl in bed with Isabella and holder her all night.

Im sure there is something unique and new about each pregnacy, birth, and new born baby and im very anxious to see how our next one will go.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

picture books and homemade oreos

Last week I took my camera everywhere we went and tried to snap pictures of Bella doing her normal usual things. [I really thought I had taken a lot more than I did] We printed out the pictures to make her her own picture book of things she can relate to. Hopefully a few new words will come out of it. New pictures can be added to it and exchanged from it as she gets bored. Im really hoping to get my long distance friends and family to send me pictures of them to put into the book too.

So far her very favorite pictures have nothing to do with mama or papa or any of the fun things WE do. She loves her Noah and Jacob and wont let me turn the page once we get to them. Go figure. If it breaks your heart to think that the two people she loves the most (next to her mama and papa I hope) will no longer be a major part of her life come mid May you are not alone.

Here are some samples of what are in her book:
Us looking at her book:
and now for the most delicious part of the entry........
[yes, my friend, you read that right!]