Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 comes to and end and Elliott is born!

No longer pregnant!

So, 2009 brought a lot of good things our way including our new addition Mr. Elliott Charles Brown. I haven't a whole lot to say at this point in time most likely due to the lack of sleep that has been going on over here. David finished school on the 16th of December. Elliott was born on the 17th. David walked on the 20th. And we went home from the hospital on the 21st. [Yes, I missed his graduation AND his graduation party but fully plan on throwing him another party as soon as we get to Washington!] Since then we have done a whole lot of nothing. I suppose we should start getting out act together regarding this move across the country we will be attempting in less than two short weeks. [yikes]

This move should be a whole lot smoother this time around. We know which cat needs to be sedated, we have a moving company to worry about moving all our belongings, we have a apartment finding service on the hunt for us so if we can just manage to get to Washington hopefully things will begin to fall into place. All this moving and starting fresh really makes the new year feel new.

Now, on to the good stuff:
2 weeks
2 weeks
Only 2 weeks and already 9lbs!