Friday, August 28, 2009

Pros and Cons of Country living


not a lot to do = house very very clean
people are very friendly, even people stuck behind service counters
no traffic
very quiet
a lot less honking (compared to Houston)
takes less time to get everywhere even though its three times as far
lots of trees
usually 5+ degrees cooler thanks to all those trees
one vegetarian friendly restaurant (chain) in next town over
csa's actually deliver out here!
fruit stands everywhere


not a lot to do indoors, way too hot and humid outdoors
friends are all in Houston
speed limits are soooooooo high
vegetarian restaurants do not exist here
no good organic produce, have to drive to Houston for it
have to drive even farther to drop off recycling

Wow, who would have thought my pros would out way my cons? I am SO good at being positive.

[I have a feeling the cons may grow a little after I've been here awhile. We'll see.]


Dookie said...

Have you checked out Humble and Hudson in The Woodlands across from the Mall? There is a neat water fountain and play area behind H&H along the water way. A trolley runs through there and goes past the library and such so you don't have to walk in the heat.

missmama said...

Thanks for the idea. I will look into it. We did go to the Woodlands Mall today to play at the mini Children's Museum. I loved it. Not too busy and just the right size.

Crisa said...

Oh I hope the pros list stays longer for you guys. Hey, isn't there a Whole Foods in the Woodlands?