Friday, September 18, 2009

blogging without a camera

This is so sad! No pictures! Makes for a boring blog from someone who really is not a good writer! But here it goes:

I've been making diapers for my wee one on the way. I've been working hard at reusing old t-shirts, as suggested in Handmade Home. It has been a challenge and forced to me pick up my newly found sewing machine manual for the first time in three years. It may even be the first time ever. It makes more sense now than it did 3 years ago just starting out sewing with absolutely no context. I can now painlessly sew knits, now that I know which needle I need and how to set my presser foot. Woohoo. If only I had a serger my diaper sewing projects would be too easy.

Last night Isabella started her first embroidery project. She insisted on wanting to work on mine and when even I would ptu it down she would be right behind me picking it up. I decided to make life a little easier and set her up with a project of her own. When I asked her who she was making it for she said baby Elliott. I can't even put into words how this warms my heart. Of course, she was done in less than five minutes but for five whole minutes she was still and peaceful. Oh how beautiful moments like those are. Hopefully we will have a picture or two up soon!

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