Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things to do before baby arrives:

figure out what to do with bella during delivery
take another birthing class
let go of some of those "what if's"
purchase 8 more diaper covers
ask more vbac questions
go through baby boxes
find [from inside one of our dozens of boxes of baby things]:
recieving blankets
baby socks
baby carrier
inner peace

try to be more prepared than last time
prewash everything 6 weeks early and then again maybe 3 weeks early
make nipple covers and large woman cloths
try to make some trifold diapers from upcycled fabrics
research and practice using/washing wool diaper covers
add to this list because I know there is more


missmama said...

infant carseat

Amanda said...

One of my favorite things about being pregnant was washing those teeny-tiny onesies and socks and stretchies and filling up the nursery drawers. I actually felt almost ready when that was done!