Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our First Glances

Upon our arrival we discovered the bedroom and closet were very damp(as we expected.) My clothes along with everything else in the closet were wet and sitting in the heat with no ventilation for 3 days. Needless to say this did not smell pleasant. The bedroom was under 2+ inches of water for a day or so. The floors will definitely have to be replaced. Our upstairs neighbor's ceiling is in his bed. They have patched up the roof with a tarp to keep more moisture from coming in, but mold has already started to form where the water was sitting. We don't have it nearly as bad as he does.
The clothes and shoes are washable, along with my curtains and other cloth things that were damages. We do have insurance so hopefully that will cover everything that isn't washable. Our bed frame, dressers, laptop(recently reformatted so we have everything on another hard drive), a few pieces of artwork, a stroller, two printers, a antique spice dresser, mattress and something else I can't remember will hopefully be covered by our renters insurance. As of now we do not know where we will be living but have more than enough friends to mooch off of until we settle.

Our cats are in Austin with David's mother so they don't have to worry about being moved around so much. Everyone who has offered to house us has a big dog. We decided it will be easier for them, us, and the people who house us.

It will probably be at least a week before we know if they are going to repair the apartment or not. either way when things get settled our property management will be finding us a place to stay. We are already looking into new apartments as a last resort. We really really have it good at our place. Great baby-friendly neighbors, great location, quiet, and no cockroaches!

More pictures coming soon of the upstairs neighbor's apartment. The camera was left at a friends house.

Isabella is taking more and more steps. Check out this video and stop thinking about that stupid hurricane!

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