Sunday, September 21, 2008

6 Days After Ike

I decided I NEED something fresh. Anything. I'm not picky, just something not from a can, a box or a bag. And this is what I find in the produce section of Super Target, a block from the hotel:


I ended up buying a veggie tray with what some people might call fresh veggies. bleh! Everyday the stores get more and more full and restaurants are slowly opening. It depends on what part of town they are in. Montrose is still closed for the most part and without power.

The power came back on at our apartment and we have been informed that the owner will be repairing the damages and has already started! They say its OK to live in the apartment while they are repairing but I don't think we will move back in until after the repairs. It is just too wet and too moldy for anyone let alone a baby with allergies. So we are going to stay in the hotel until Tuesday and probably go back to Mirna's apartment (because she makes the best food mmmmmmmmmm) until they finish.

ike hotel fun

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Bailey said...

oh Emily, you and your baby are the cutest.