Monday, November 3, 2008

In search of seeds!

Oh my goodness we have green beans! Don't ask me how these little guys made it through a hurricane and a transplant and look so pathetic and small yet are still producing food for me. Boy were they delicious! I can't wait to try again hopefully without the troubles we faced this time around.
first green beans big
Noah had been begging me all day to pick and eat the green beans and kept asking me when he could help me plant some new plants. It was so heart warming to see him so excited about something so simple like growing green beans. (Do you think he could have gotten that from me?) I can't wait to share that with Isabella when she is old enough.

Things are calming down here, finally. I almost feel like things are back to normal. The chances of us being in Washington for the summer is looking greater and greater. We will know for sure by Nov. 11th! I really am looking forward to spending more time with my family and friends. My sister said she might come home form Israel after all and Bailey may be home from Germany by then. David is going to have a really hard time getting me back to Houston.

Tomorrow is election day! I'm embarrassed and excited to say this will be my first voting experience. I felt no passion about the last election and felt like a vote for either candidate wouldn't have been in my interest. This last year has proven to be a political growing experience for me. I am very excited about my vote for president and very excited about voting locally. I guess this officially makes me a Houstonian(Firefox says this isn't a word psh).

Happy voting everyone!

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