Saturday, November 8, 2008

cleaning the sewing/crafting/thinking/tv/guest room

Yes we just had a birthday and have no shortage of clothes. But I couldn't help myself. I was putting away all my fabric, fabric scraps, fabric accessories, and old clothes needing to be re purposed into their new home, (yes! they have a home! in a room devoted to them!) when I came across this old shirt and instantly saw something new.

old tshirt

So I am not a pattern follower or a very good direction taker. I took a chance sewing knit for the first time and it came out... not horrible!

repurposed tshirt dress

She wore the dress all day and rolled around in some dirt, spilled passion tea down the front of her and mama didn't even a blink an eye because really that dress didn't cost a thing. I'm on a re purposing old t-shirt mission now.

Sometimes avoiding doing your chores makes beautiful things! (Im pretty sure that is how Isabella was made too)


Bailey said...

Look at those beautiful eyes!

transcendingworks said...

Emily! You're so crafty....I was just going through my crafty area last night and sorting through my things clothes that either need to be patched up or turned into something else but I don't know what yet ; ) The dress is precious and Isabella is even more precious! I'm glad you're able to have fun now that you've got more settled into your new place....are you guys going to be able to visit for the holidays this year? I hope so! I'll be busy here and there with family stuff but will definitely be in town....

missmama said...

We will be in town Dec. 18th-28th! Also we will be there for two and a half months this summer. I won't be working so we will have lots of time to play!