Monday, November 17, 2008

Crisabella's (crazy) good idea of only shopping small business or local for a whole month

so why wouldn't i accept a challange? life would just be too easy without these hoops i make myself jump through.

So it has been one week since we hopped on board. (we are late for everything) SO far everything with the exception of groceries seems to be in normal working order. I have a feeling farmers markets and local (NOT whole foods) grocery stores will take me awhile. I don't have any plan to go back to big business(whole foods) if I can make this work. So I have to make this work! Last week I went to the Centeral City Co-op
farmers market at Discovery Green Park(Which is currently in a lot of trouble with nursing mamas of Houston - another post.) I liked this farmers market a lot but it just isn't really practical being downtown and only open during rush hour traffic. Saturday I headed over to the Urban Harvest
farmers market which I loved! It felt more like a farmers market should. What does that mean? Im not really sure. Bigger. More diverse? Maybe. The only problem I had with it was that most of it isn't organic. What is more important organic or local? I don't know! You tell me! The best part about the Urban Harvest market, if you ask me, is Cheesy Girl. All her cheeses are 100% Vegetarian meaning she doesn't use animal rennet. Infact I believe she said she didn't use any rennet. I don't know how that is possible in the cheese making processes but I don't really care either because her goat cheese was soo delicous.

I know this would be easier in my home town of Federal Way WA because we have a lot more small business earth/health friendly grocery stores. Its time for me to stop being lazy and find what I can do here! Atleast I know I can keep up this small and local business only challange when I get to Washington this winter AND this summer. Ohhh me. I need to start thinking about Houston more.

Also we searched far and wide... just kidding, David insisted on going with a small local DSL provider. We have been anti-comcast and anti-att for what feels like forever so this seemed like the natural choice. It fit in well with our small business challange. (Yey, David is all about this challange!) Twenty five bucks a month for a fast not throddled DSL line seems very reasonable to me. Thank you... uhh I forgot your name you silly small business! If anyone is interested in knowing the name of the company I can ask David.

P.s. it has been cold here. i think its real cold. (not the fake kind i usually laugh at people for wearing big coats for here in houston) im not sure, it has been a few years since i've felt real cold. it's been as low as 42 outside and 60 inside. if you have some insight on this, please fill me in!

P.s.s. I making the challange next month.... I think it will go something like this.... No meat eating! ok ok Thats too hard maybe only small farm meat eating. ok ok I will give it more thought!


Crisa said...

Yay!!Life should be challenging right? I love the local DSL idea and would have never thought of it. We also have the option to do local phone and electric. hmmmm

I love the no meat challenge and I think it's coming next year. handmade Christmas first. ;)

missmama said...

ok fine. i guess December is a bad month to start life altering challenges. but yey for no meat!