Saturday, October 23, 2010

Handmade for Mama

I know! It's not very often Mama gets something new to wear. I haven't had the best of luck making clothes for myself so it has been a good year and a half since I have attempted anything. Since I left off I have learned that woven tops cut on a bias just work better because of the added stretch. AND that I love knits of all kinds and when given an option I always go for a knit top.

This one was made with some fabric I already had as a practice run. I used Simplicity's 2456 The front and back panels were cut on the bias which I learned will not work with plaids! Look how ridiculous that seam in the middle looks. It does fit perfectly so I plan on making it again. I plan on wearing this around the house until I find a better use for the fabric.


This shirt is made out of a knit fabric I picked up and Pacific Fabrics a couple months ago. I am not in love with it. I really think I picked it up because it was the first knit fabric print I've seen that I didn't hate. Because Knit is stretchy, I made a size smaller and even though I used the same pattern pieces I only made one panel for the front. I am really not crazy about the center seam. This shirt am really happy with. Even the hem isn't TOO bad. I wish I were a better garment photographer. This may be something to work on.


keme said...

I have never tried sewing clothes from a pattern - it's looking good, lady! The plaid shirt might look cool with a solid color strip o' fabric sewn right on top of the seam? Or maybe that would look weird. I'm undecided, but the form is cute!

Jessica said...

um...I like the black and white fabric, you are more than welcome to pass the shirt down :0

Emily Brown said...
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Emily Brown said...

I know Keme! I've tried holding a bunch of different things up to it and I think it makes it look more weird.

It's yours in February Jess!

Jenny said...

Good job girl! I love the black and white top. Just an FYI, those center seams are great for those of us who were overlooked in the, um, cleavage department when they were handing those out. Anything to distract from the lack of what is supposed to be in there!