Saturday, October 3, 2009

October... I welcome you with open arms!

Top 4 things I love about October:
cooler days (I keep checking the weather in Seattle and dreaming of the COLD days to come.)
pumpkins to eat and decorate with
APPLES lots and lots of apples
halloween: candy, costumes, and crafts

I guess I've been missing me some apples. We went to the grocery story and I am embarrassed to say how much we spent on apples. They just looked soo delicious and ripe and fresh and... they were! I think I may need to invest in an apple tree in the somewhat near future!

To celebrate fall's arrival [finally] Bella and I headed over to a little family run farm/park to pick out a pumpkin, play some games and pet some animals. We also have been eating a lot of apple crisp, drinking apple tea and of course eating them fresh. Its really hard to believe you can get apples in Houston almost as good as in Washington. But yet when it comes to finding good peaches or avacados in Washington it is IMPOSSIBLE no matter what season it is.


Have I mentioned I have officially turned into that parent who puts their child in the only halloween outfit they own to go pick out a pumpkin? [disclaimer: I did not buy said outfit]


Also, sad to announce, we just happened to show up at The Woodland's Children's Museum on its last day at their current location and they have no idea when or where they will be reopening! I will really miss that place. The arts and crafts area was worth the five dollars alone. Not to mention it kept my daughter busy and happily entertained for HOURS. I am back to square one with finding affordable non-religious activities for me and Bella!

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