Thursday, March 10, 2011

For Sara Because She Often Listens To Me

Once a week meal posts. My dear Sister flatters me with her compliments of my cooking. She requested I post some of the things I've been cooking up. I don't usually make up my own recipes so I'll just post a link. I almost exclusively cook from the internet which is why the lap top is always in the kitchen.

Last night we had the yummiest sweetest cornbread I've made so far. Recipes from Bob's Red Mill. whose flour and cornmeal I buy often and love. [I also use their gluten free flours when entertaining my gluten free family members.]

The main course was from I've never been a big fan of Cooks magazine beside the beautiful illustrations. I used to browse through it often on slow days while working at Metropolitan Market. Most of the recipes had meat in them and required too many things I don't usually have around. Anyway I googled cabbage and sausage because I had splurged and bought some vegan sausages from Field Roast Grain Meat Co. These are probably my favorite fake meat product. They are definitely a "sometimes" food at my house because they are expensive and super processed. I do love that they are made in Seattle and 100% cruelty free. You can find Cooks recipe here.


I am rating this recipe 10 out of 10. It was easy to follow clean up was super quick because all I used was the dutch oven, a knife, cutting board, and mixing spoon. Everything beside the cabbage and sausages I always have on hand so it doesn't take a lot of forward planning. Also, everyone ate it and liked it! There is nothing more satisfying to me than making a dinner my whole family will eat and not having to worry about if it is too hard for Elliott to chew or too soupy for Bella's tastes or having to remember to hold the vinegar for David.

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saraslone said...

Yum! This is similar to one of my favorite things to make - hawaiian breakfast. Just put diced red potatoes in the pan and cook to desired tenderness. Follow the recipe. Then to op it off, I crack an egg onto the whole thing. This would be an easy way to make it cheaper also, as you could cut the fake sausage in half :)