Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Outfits

I had this great idea of coordinating outfits for the wee ones. I started with a jumper for Elliott [not pictued] and after almost completely finishing it realized that even the 12mo size I made was not going to fit around my very chubby 3mo old baby boy. How disappointing, after setting the very very best zipper w/o a zipper foot! [I know! it is on my list of things I need for my newly inherited machine] I also realized how, even though I thought what I was picking was boy fabric because it was blue was actually blue girlie fabric and most likely wouldn't have put him in it even if it did fit more than once. SO..... on to Bella's outfit. A girl outfit. I know how to pick out girl fabric and her sizing pretty well so this was easy enough. I did choose a pattern out of my sewing comfort level though and made some silly mistakes All in all I think it turned out cute and I may make another one just to see how much easier it will be the second time around. Am I the only one who likes to do things twice just because it gets easier?



Jessica said...

what a beautiful dress....I love it!!!

And no, I like to do things more than once and YES, it does seem to get easier! <3

Kristin said...

So cute!!She really seems to enjoy it too :)

missmama said...

Thank you!