Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Zoos!

Yesterday after debating whether thirteen dollars was worth a visit to the zoo [and beautiful pacific northwest aquarium all in one] we headed out to Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. A little farther than we were from our Houston Zoo, but it was a nice along the Puget Sound drive. After living in Houston I forgot how not living in the city means more driving time to the city. The good news is: we were pleasantly surprised when we got in for FREE! Yes free, with our Houston Zoo membership! But where are the pictures? you may be asking yourself. It just so happens this zoo is on the steepest hill ever and I was too busy working up a sweat pushing my 25lb toddler up and down the side of the zoo for three hours! Its funny I do not remember the zoo being on a steep hillside, but the last time I was at the zoo I was probably closer to 10yo. My mom reminded me, we would run up and down the hill side without a moments thought and promptly pass out in the car before we were out of the parking lot. hehe. I was very much looking forward to Bella's passing out in the car, but did it happen? NO! We went our first day without any nap at all. Well, she did! My mom stayed awake to watch her while I napped. Thank goodness for mothers!

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Jessica said...

Awww... that sounds so much fun! Super great you got in with your Houston Zoo pass. Miss you lots, can't wait for you to get back!