Saturday, February 7, 2009

Planning New Meals!

We are on day three of meal planning. A friend pointed out that I don't have to find new meals to meal plan. She suggested planning meals I know and make frequently. I love trying new things and I am sure finding new meals will get old, but until then I will continue to search for recipes to add to the "keep" pile. This, of course, would be a virtual pile because I keep all my recipes online. [David is working on making me a meal planning/shopping list web application and I get to help design the interface. Why does that make me so happy? Not sure!]

bread bowls
Simplest cauliflower soup as seen in bread bowls made by David found here.

breakfast flowersAs you can see I had a lot of help with these. (top left) Isabella decided she loves cream cheese and could not keep her fingers out of it. I've never seen her so into any food like that before. Very cute!
You can find this recipe here.

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