Monday, October 13, 2008

Things we learn from children

I hear this a lot "We learn so much from our kids". I have always wondered what parents really meant by it and what kind of things they are learning. Things I've learned since having a baby: be more patient, slow down, plan ahead more(I'm still working on this one). Last night I learned something from her and not just, well, because of her.

isabella hard at work

We are near the end of what I call the worst move ever. No planning ahead. No packing. No organizing. No time. And little help. Last night as we finished packing up the last of the boxes at the old apartment, Isabella and I step outside to avoid a melt down while David loaded the cars. I quickly pick up a stick and some rocks and start showing Isabella different things she can do with them(Still in "hurry hurry avoid a melt down" mode). She quickly grasps onto the idea of playing with the sticks and rocks and continues, seemingly, on her own. As I slowly stand up to back away, she comes quickly to my legs and starts pulling on my pants whining for me to pick her up. I sit down again and this time really engage in playing with the rocks and sticks. Isabella and I sat there for 35mins at least piling up rocks and clearing paths. I thought to myself, this is really relaxing. This is the most relaxed I have been in probably a month. We were just sitting, playing, collecting, spilling, scraping, and piling and yet it felt so good. Good to not think about two rents for two months, or breaking leases, or job interviews, or grocery shopping, or anything other than sitting and playing. I look forward top more of these moments. I am going to need them these next two weeks.

potted garden

So our newly put together garden is being slowly taken apart and moved to our new apartment. We have no private courtyard but we do have three balconies. I know it seems excessive but I think I will be able to get a few potted vegetable plants going before it is too late. I transferred the basil without any problems and he seems to be as happy as ever in his new home. The green beans, I am afraid, will not be making it. They had a short and very inspirational life in our little garden and in some weird way I will morn them. Davids newly sprouted potatoes have not been transplanted yet because I ran out of containers. I will be updating more about my container gardening finds soon.

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