Friday, October 24, 2008

I must have fallen asleep

My little precious baby girl just turned one. ONE! Can I even call her baby anymore? She got new big girl shoes, new big girl pants and new big girl shirts. She looks twice as big as she did running around in nothing but a diaper. I miss the baby she was already and am very much looking forward to meeting the little girl she turns into. Mama and papa bought her two new toys for her birthday. We couldn't decide on her one birthday gift from the both of us. I can't help but think this will be how it is every birthday.

Tomorrow we go for our first professional portraits. I'm bringing along her hand crafted birthday rocking chair. (will be posting pictures soon) I think we have already filled up many a memory cards between all our visitors! We've been busy these last couple of days with Isabella's Grandma, Nanna, Bubby and Zaidy who are all in town buying, playing and napping with her (and giving mama a well needed break.) Her Monkey Jeff just showed up tonight and we are getting ready for a big family birthday party!

Keeping up with a one year old is a whole new challenge. Wish me luck in staying patient and mindful in this next year.

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