Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tooth Losing Milestones

Best part about early summer? Cherry season! Cherries galore in our CSA box! One normal snack time we're munching on cherries and Bella accidentally bites into a cherry pit. Hard. After the initial shock and pain wears off we realize her tooth is loose! We make an appointment with the dentist thinking it is way to early to have a loose tooth and to make sure everything is ok. They basically tell us everything is fine. It'll either tighten back up and stay in until its ready to fall out naturally or keep loosening until it falls out which isn't a big deal because its a baby tooth. One week later it's still loose and now we can see a new tooth behind it.
I know! Crazy! So we keep encouraging her to pull it and wiggle it with promises of tooth fairy visits and money. She thinks we're crazy and pulling teeth is unnatural, naturally. 
Last week David left for Def Con and told Bella not to lose her tooth while he was gone. So of course it happens while he is out of town. We're sipping Jamba Juice while walking to the store and Bella says "here you go Mom" I look back at her and stick out my hand expecting garbage, her gum, who knows what I was expecting? She puts a very small white thing in my hand. "What is this"? I say. "My tooth" "oh.... Ok" ......... "Wait! WHAT!?!?" She was so casual and cool about until I got all excited. Then she promptly got embarrassed and asked me to stop talking about it. I think the money (and then the ice cream come she bought with money) made her more ok with the whole thing. Her new lisp and smile is pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

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