Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Update!

Elliott is five whole weeks old today! Where does the time go? Wasn't I pregnant, like yesterday? Today I got TWO smiles in the same peek-a-boo where is mama session. Could these be intentional already probably not but he doesn't seem to hate the attention. I also notice he is crying more and more like a baby and less like a new born everyday. You know the yes you have met my physical needs but I am still mad at you cry. Although I hate to hear him cry it warms my heart knowing he is getting bigger and stronger right on schedule. He is still eating every 2-3 1/2 hours which has been working out just great for us. Every couple of days he wants to eat every two hours or less and right when I think I can't go with so little consecutive sleep any longer he gives me 3 1/2 hours.

Since he was born he has had to work at breathing a little harder than most babies. Before we moved up here we took him to the doctor to talk about it had lots of tests done, went to the ER and had x-rays nothing really came up but they told us to keep an eye on it. So of course being a little on the over protective side I haven't let him out of my sight. Its hard to tell if it is getting better or not because it fluctuates so much. My gut tells me it isn't anything serious and he will out grow it.

Isabella has been a great big sister lately. She sits next to Elliott on the bed and reads to him from her books. She also enjoys putting things in his hands. She some how figured out he will grab on to anything you put in his palm. So I often find him with crayons and ribbons and the like in his hand. When she can't get him to hold on to whatever it is she proceeds to putting on his head, all in a very gentle manor of course. I really don't worry too much about her not being gentle enough with him. She seems to know just how to hold him. I often find her cupping his face with her hands and getting right up to his nose and saying things like "You love me. I'm your big sister now" and "You are my baby. Me love you so much" Now don't get the wrong impression these sweet moments take up about 5 minutes time of everyday and the rest she hardly pays any attention to him at all but those are the moments I want to rememeber.

Bella has been talking more and more. She tells me things like "I just have a question for you mama" and "I will be a little bit more careful now". She has also started repeating things said to her word for word. We are staying with Bubby and Zeidy right now (my dad and his wife) and so of course every little word she says gets a response. She is loving all the attention and I sure am grateful for it!

I am going to try to get some pictures up later today I just couldn't pass up this moment of free time to hurry and put something up about my sweet sweet babies!


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful! Enjoy your babies, they do grow so fast! My "baby" will be 7 next month! AAAH!

Jessica said...

I miss you guys so much!!! I can't believe you have babies(plural....2)!!! LOL