Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2 weeks... really?

So it has been two weeks since i've last posted anything, and really, it has just flew by! After a rocky morning, im sitting sipping a very strong cup of coffee hoping to "start over" after nap time. Im trying to slow things down and really enjoy all the wonderful things going on around me. Also, being more mindful of my everyday interactions is top on my list. Deep breath.

Handmade Christmas is proving to be more work than I orginally planned for. I still get excited about coming home from work and finishing up a project or two at night. It makes me feel like one of santas elfs. If only I had some elf friends to work with.

Im thinking about starting up a craft club here in the Meyerland area. I miss my crafty friends in Washington and comparing and sharing projects. This will be top priority after Christmas break. Also I plan to start doing more embroidery. I love seeing pictures of peoples homes with their work hanging in embroidery hoops all over their walls. (If anyone is interested in join, and possibly meeting Thursday or Saturday nights please comment here or get in touch with me. Basicly we will get together to work on our own projects, compare notes, chat, and show off our handmade goodness.)

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